As human beings, we all have issues that we are working on.  It takes great courage to reach out and seek help. You have taken the first steps towards healing, growth and change so that you may move in the direction of living your life more deeply and joyously.

Counseling offers a safe space to talk and share and to learn skills, tools and develop resources to work with the challenges in your life.  For couples, you learn to communicate more lovingly and effectively so that you are able to truly hear one another and work towards solutions; increase connection and intimacy; to grow a more loving, respectful, conscious relationship.  Families learn to heal dysfunctional patterns, communicate more effectively and develop deeper bonds.

 Hypnotherapy is a process that helps create a space for you to heal trauma, release old patterns that limit you and replace them with healthier ways of thinking, feeling and being; remove emotional and creative blocks; work with fears; increase confidence and self-love; release emotional eating and the habit of smoking.

Mindfulness offers you ways of working with your thoughts and emotions,  how to respond rather than react, and teaches you how to live more fully in the moment.


“Healing is not forcing the sun to shine but removing that which blocks the light”  — Stephen and Ondrea Levine

What I Offer You…

leaf-curlIn my work with individuals, couples and families, I offer gentle safe space and supportive, compassionate guidance and insight.  I work with many different modalities according to your needs.